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Welcome to Instep Personal Effectiveness & Problem Solving Programs

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Root Cause Analysis (Problem Solving Methodology)

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Effective Problem Solving Techniques Using 8D Problem Solving And Statistical Techniques

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7 Steps of Effective Problem-Solving Training

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SPEED Problem -Solving Workshop 

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3P’s 5-Why Drill-Deep Analysis For Effective Root Cause Analysis Training

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Effective Strategies for Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Personal Effectiveness

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UNDERSTAND Personality Through NLP


Managing Performance and Communication with Applied EQ

Young Businesswoman

Extraordinary Productivity: Maximizing Self and Team Productivity

Job Interview

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) & Mind Mapping Skills

Choosing From The Color Chart

Anger Management & Managing Your Stress with Colour Therapy Workshop

Female Entrepreneur

Personal Image Empowerment

Work Interview

EQ > IQ = Common Sense Management

Stressed Woman

Time & Stress Management


Incorporating Personal Grooming And Basic Etiquette


The Power of Positive Thinking And Attitude

Successful Girl

Achieving Results with Time Management

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Resilience – Transforming Obstacles to Opportunities

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